Cookies policy

In order to protect personal data, FASHIONNET S.R.L., provides visitors of website with a guide on how we use cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are temporary files used to store data on your computer or mobile device every time you access a website. They are widely used to make websites or some of their services work more efficiently. Cookies are also used to report specific information

Our cookies are not used to store personal information such as name, surname, email, or bank details, but to monitor the activity and actions taken on the pages accessed for the purpose of improving user experience and marketing purposes.



  1. What types of cookies exist and why do we use them?


The cookies implemented on the site by its owners are called “first party”, and those set by third parties, other than the rightful owners of the site are termed “third party”. These activate certain elements and functionalities that can be offered by accessing the site We use “first party” and “third party” cookies for many reasons. Some cookies are required for technical reasons, so that our site and services can be operational – these are the necessary, essential cookies. Other cookies allow us and third parties who we work with, to monitor and target the interests of website visitors – these are cookies required for performance and functionality. The specific types of “first party” and “third party” cookies we use on our site and the purpose of using them are described below.         II.1. Essential cookies for the website


These cookies are absolutely necessary to provide you with the services available on the site, but also for accessing protected sections. These are generated after authentication, to verify the session expiration. These cookies are strictly required for the site’s functionality and the proper running of the web platform. Cookies can be blocked or deleted by changing browser settings.

II.2. Cookies used for performance

These cookies are used to improve the site’s performance, analyze how the site works, and of course identify the potential errors that may exist.

II.3. Cookies for analysis and customization Cookies that collect information of this type are used to help us understand how the site is used or how effective our marketing campaigns are. It also helps us personalize the website completely, in order to improve the experience of using the site.


II.4. Cookies for promotion and targeting We use them to make promotion messages more relevant, taking into account your interests. These cookies also perform other functions such as preventing ads from occurring continuously, ensuring their optimal display delivery, and in some cases selecting ads based on your interests. This information is shared with various parts like Facebook or Google, with which we can send advertisements to visitors that might interest them. We, and third parties, can use other similar monitoring technologies. These data files contain unique identifiers that help us find out when someone visits our website or triggers certain signals that indicate a particular action on the site. This allows us to monitor the pattern of user traffic on a specific page of the site by communicating and delivering these cookies. In this way, we’ll understand if you’ve come to the site by accessing an ad or another website to deliver targeted ads, improve website performance, and monitor the success of your marketing campaigns


III. Online targeting promotion

We use third-party services to monitor and analyze individual site usage and to collect statistical information on interactions with our site. We also have collaborations with third parties to display ads and to use them for promotion.


These third parties also use monitoring technologies to collect and use information about your online activities anonymously, either on our website or on other websites or mobile applications, to know your interests and to provide you with targeted ads that are tailored to navigational activities and specific interests. Third parties will also be able to use cookies or web signals to collect information about visits to our site and other sites to measure and monitor the effectiveness of online advertisements and promotions (for example, through collecting data on the number of visits to one of our ads). The information collected by these third parties does not include personal data through which the user can be accurately identified (eg name or email address).


1.    Cookies used in our services –          Google Remarketing Ads This cookie recognizes visitors on the site through ads placed with Google’s remarketing ads.

  • Facebook Ads


This cookie recognizes visitors on the site through ads placed on Facebook ads. Facebook does not offer the opt-out option for these cookies. To refuse these cookies, check the instructions below “How can I keep cookies under my control?”



1.    List of cookies used at FASHIONSTOCK:

Functionality and Performance _ga Google Analytics The entire


Used to manage, optimize, customize, and send push notifications to users
Functionality and Performance _gat Google Analytics The entire


Analyzes and monitors site visitors by collecting anonymous data
Functionality and Performance _gid Google The entire


Analyzes and monitors site visitors by collecting anonymous data
User Information cookiesent_statu Cookie propriu The entire


Used to record when the site user closes the cookie notification
Marketing fr Facebook The entire


Used for Marketing to deliver measurement and improve advertising
Marketing __atuvc Retele Sociale The entire


Used for marketing purposes via distribution buttons on social networks
Shopping Cart nop_customer Cookie propriu The entire


Used to keep the products added by the user, even when leaving the site
Security _cfduid Cloudflare The entire


Used to secure user connections individually.

VI. Managing cookies You have the right to decide whether to accept or reject cookies! You can set and customize browser options to accept or deny cookies. If you choose to reject cookies, you may continue to use our site, but access to certain features and secure areas may be restricted.Most promotional gadgets provide you with a way to unsubscribe from promotion ads based on specific interests. You can choose to opt out the mobile promotion identifiers that are also used for promotion-specific ads. You will need to access your mobile device settings and follow the latest instructions in this regard. If you choose to opt out, we will remove all collected data about you and we will not collect additional data later. The random identifier you designate (by us or third parties) will also be removed. This means that if at a later date you decide to accept the conditions again, we will not be able to continue tracking and monitoring using the same identifier as before, as you will be considered a new system user from all points of view. The Do Not Track option – some browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari – include the ability to transmit “Do Not Track” signals. As no general standards on “Do Not Track” signals are regulated, some websites are still unresponsive.At FASHIONNET S.R.L. we are seriously treating the protection of personal data and we are constantly seeking to improve the manners we can protect, keeping us abreast of any changes in their monitoring, tracking and use.